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Chapter 4


Feng Yu Chen being a very straightforward person, told Saeko “yep, I am trying to hit on you.”

“Tch…” Saeko curled her lips and then stopped looking at Feng Yu Chen.

“Ah, Saeko, you’re the winner of last year’s nationals right? I’m Rei Miyamoto of the Sojutso club…”

“I’m Takashi Komuro of Year 2 Class B…”

“I’m Kohta Hirano of Year 2 Class B., you can also call me Kohta…”  said the fatty in the group.

“I’m the school nurse, Shizuka Marikawa…” said the large-chested woman.

“OK, everyone’s gathered together right? Let’s charge out…” said Feng Yu Chen.

“Why should we charge out? So what if you’re a senpai? Rei would have been a third year student as well if she wasn’t held back. I… I’m a genius. As long as I put my mind to it, I can do everything. I don’t need you telling me what to do!.” At this time, the pink-haired girl started yelling at Feng Yu Chen. (TL: Man… I don’t recall Saya being this much of a b*tch in the manga or anime… Or did I just remember wrongly?)

Feng Yu Chen calmly glanced at the pink-haired girl and said “Oh, is that so?”

Saeko shook her head towards Feng Yu Chen indicating to him that he shouldn’t reply.

“Takagi-chan, are you ok?” Shizuka-sensei concernedly asked the pink-haired girl. (TL:K, I just took a shot in the dark at this… The actual text is 高城同学 which is literally Takagi student but that’s not how English works and English has absolutely no replacements for a suffix like 同学 at least not that I know of.  So I just threw on a -chan because it’s Shizuka.)

“That’s enough Saya…” said Takashi as he walked up to her and put his hands on her shoulders.

Saya Takagi gradually calmed down and glanced at her blood-covered self in the mirror and sobbed out “When I get back, I’ll have mom help me wash this off.”

“Let’s rest for now. Shizuka-sensei knows how to drive so we’ll take a car out of this place in a bit.” said Saeko. (TL: Oh yeah, I should mention the author actually just writes Shizuka-sensei’s name without any suffix but she’s still a teacher right? So I just arbitrarily added -sensei cuz well it sounded more right.)

“En. We should find out families first to confirm their safety and then  we should all head to a safe place …” said Takashi.

Feng Yu Chen waved his hands and said “I have no relatives in Japan so I’ll just go with you guys since I found my objective.”

“Is it me?” Saeko pointed at herself and asked.

“Yep. You can understand it that way.” Feng Yu Chen said as he nodded his head. He is interested Saeko. It’d be really give someone a sense of accomplishment to conquer a girl like this. Not to mention she can cook and knows how to fight. She makes for a great target.

“Everyone should rest for now. I’ll go grab my car keys and then we can charge our way out of the school…” Shizuka-sensei said.

“Ok…” everyone nodded their head and then quickly headed into the staff lounge.

Feng Yu Chen headed into the staff lounge and made himself a cup of tea before drinking it. He just fought a long battle and has yet to eat or drink anything yet so he’s already hungry. After all, when he was transferred here, he was headed home from school so he has yet to eat dinner before coming here.

“Want some coffee?” Saeko asked as she handed him a bag of instant coffee.

Feng Yu Chen took the bag of coffee and nodded “Sure, it’ll help me sate my hunger. Coffee is high in calories and helps one stay alert…” (TL: I wish coffee helped me stay alert D= I’m one of those guys who drink coffee and then fall asleep like nothing happened)

Saeko nodded her head, sat next to Feng Yu Chen and asked “How come I haven’t seen you before? You’re skills are good and you use a sword. I don’t think the Kendo club had someone like you in it.”

“I’ve just came to Japan recently. Who would’ve known something like this would happen. My skills are because I practiced mixed martial arts before and was the winner for my city’s competition. When it comes to Kendo I’m weaker than you but I should be slightly superior when it comes to unarmed combat.” said Feng Yu Chen.

“En. What do you plan to do next? Return to China?” Saeko asked.

Feng Yu Chen shook his head and asked “Impossible. In a doomsday scenario like this, do you think the public transportation system will still be running normally? Even if it was still operating, it’d be for the government only. I’m guessing the entire Japan is like this already, there’s probably no safe place right now.”

“How can it be? There must be a safe place…” Rei said stubbornly.

“Senpai’s right. There’s probably no safe place left…” said Saya.

Feng Yu Chen curled his lips and said “Oh, you finally acknowledge me as your senpai?”

“Humph…” Saya lightly humphed and then turned her head around. Silently acknowledging what Feng Yu Chen said.

“How can it be? There must be a safe place…” Rei said dejectedly.

Takashi held Rei in his arms and patted her on her back to comfort her.

“Bzzt” (TL: it’s that sound when you turn on an old TV or something)

“Hello fellow citizens, we are now reporting to you about the riot happening right now.”

The TV in the staff lounge started talking about the situation in Tokonosu city. You sure have to hand it to the news station, they managed to turn a zombie apocalypse into a riot.

“Tch, don’t bother looking. It’s useless. The government’s just trying to placate the people. Right now all we can do is depend on ourselves. The government no longer has the ability to protect everyone since the entire Japan has become like this right now. How many people do you think the military will be able to save?” Feng Yu Chen said.

“En, this is a large scale disease with a high infection rate. It’s similar to the Black Death for the 14th century, there’s a large number of fatalities…” said Saya.

“How did they cure it in the end?” Rei asked.

“It killed too many and the plague stopped when it started running out of people to infect.” said Feng Yu Chen.

“It’s summer right now. As long as they’re corpses, they’ll rot and as long as they rot til they’re nothing but bones we’ll be safe…” said Saeko.

Feng Yu Chen curled his lips and asked “How many days will that take? A day? Two days? A month? By that time we’ll have been long been KO’d. That’s why I said we have to do it ourselves. Takashi said he wants to find everyone’s family so I’ll go along with you guys and help rescue them. Then we can find a place, protect it, gather food and then try to gather the survivors…”

“En…” Saeko put down her cup and then said to Shizuka-sensei “Shizkua-sensei, let’s use the bus. If we use the bus, we can all go together…”

“Ok…” Shizuka-sensei replied.

Feng Yu Chen took a look outside the room, saw that the zombies had already gathered together and then said “Ok, now everyone rush out. Since we can be considered a team now, let’s temporarily set up roles. When we meet enemies, Saeko and I will go ahead to disperse the zombies. Takashi and Rei will deal with the nearby zombies and protect Shizuka-sensei and the rest. Hirano will assist us with long ranged attacks. As for Saya, help us analyze the situation. Shizuka-sensei takes care of the wounded and driving. No one has any issues with their roles right?”

“Nope.” everyone nodded their heads.

“That’s fine then, let’s start the battle.  Let’s go Saeko, as seniors we need to give a demonstration…” Feng Yu Chen said as he patted Saeko’s shoulder.

Saeko knocked Feng Yu Chen’s hand away and then said “I’ll be using my sword next time. Don’t casually touch me.”  (TL: Got shot down o/)

“Haha, **. You’re being hated now aren’t you?” Saya said as she stuck out her tongue.

Feng Yu Chen could only helplessly shake his hand before exhaling and clutched his Xuan Yuan sword as his face turned cold. He opened the door, ran out and then using one cleave of his sword, lopped off the heads of two zombies.

“Let’s get started as well…” Saeko looked at Feng Yu Chen’s back before rushing out. He was more attractive when he was serious.

Super late chapter 3

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Chapter 3

The message being displayed on the ipone 5 quickly became irrelevant to Feng Yu Chen as new zombies rushed up to him. Although the recent battle on the roof managed to clear out some zombies but since the entire campus has become a zombie holy ground, there were no end to the zombies as long as they didn’t escape from here.
“All right you scoundrels, it’s time for the great me to bring salvation to you guys…” (tl note: Feng Yu Chen calls himself “小爷” which is basically what you’d do if you were super arrogant so it’s “the great me”) Feng Yu Chen’s right hand lifted up his Xuan Yuan sword as his solemn look reflected off of the cold blade (tl note: raw says “冰冷透明” blade but I don’t quite recall his sword being transparent so I just kinda left that out). The massacre was just starting…


Xuan Yuan sword’s sharp blade instantly lopped off a zombie’s head. The Xuan Yuan sword is sharp enough to chop through 10mm steel plates, using it on fragile human bodies was basically a one-sided slaughter. This helped Feng Yu Chen quite a bit since if it was an ordinary blade, then things wouldn’t be that easy.

Now that Feng Yu Chen was fairly glad that he accidentally picked a melee weapon. If he had picked the type 95 semi-automatic rifle, it would be game over once he ran out of bullets. If he had picked a vehicle, then he would be able to escape but that safety would be only temporary as he would still need to fight if he encountered zombies.


At this time, a scream suddenly came from the rooftop.

Feng Yu Chen killed the two zombies next to him, ran up the stairs and then blocked the stairs. When he arrived at Rei’s side, Takashi had already killed the zombified Hisashi. Guess things are still going by the story.

“Sempai….” Rei suddenly lept into Feng Yu Chen’s arms and started crying before sobbing out “Ta, Takashi he….”


Feng Yu Chen sighed and patted Rei’s back hoping to make her feel slightly better. The apocalypse has already started for this world, it’s already too late to go back. The zombies have already become a fact and no one knows when they will be the next to die.

“That’s enough, let’s rest for a bit before leaving. I just exterminated the second wave of zombies and blocked the stairs so we’re safe for now but….” Feng Yu Chen said as he held Rei and sat next to the wall.

Takashi’s gaze suddenly died down before listlessly sitting down next to Rei and said “I…”

“There’s no need to comfort me anymore…” Rei replies. (tl note: Does it count as NTR if you take the heroine from the MC before they become a couple?)

“Well, things have already come to this point. I already knew this was going to happen when I saw the bite wound on his arm. Takashi should have seen what happened at the school gate. That male teacher turned into a zombie because he was bitten in the arm which then lead to the infection of the whole school. So we should take precautions to avoid being bitten.” Feng Yu Chen said.

Rei and Takashi slightly nodded but the pain in both their eyes was not fake. The passing of their good friend caused them emotional damage.

“I want to contact my father. Takashi, let me use your cell phone….” Rei says to Takashi

“K, here…” Takashi said as he handed his cell phone to Rei

“It connected…” (Rei)

“Oi, this number… It’s Takashi, is Rei next to you right now?” a frantic voice came through the phone’s speaker while the signal flickered.

“Dad, this is Rei, where are you?” Rei asked.

“Listen, this whole place is going crazy, quickly take Rei and leave this place….”

The frantic voice from the phone seemed to not have heard Rei’s voice before the signal was abruptly ended.

“There’s no signal anymore, let’s leave…” (Feng Yu Chen)

“At least we known that uncle is alive, so we can count that as good news…” Takashi says as he pats Rei’s shoulder.

“ROAR…” (tl note: Zombies don’t roar, they moan. Like don’t you know from ol’ McDonald’s song? Ol’ MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O. And on his farm he had some zombies, E-I-E-I-O, with a MOAN, MOAN here and a Groan, Groan there. Here a Moan, there a Groan. Everywhere a Moan, Groan)

At this time, another wave of zombies rushed up the stairs and were trying to break past the blockade on the stairs.

“I’ll go deal with those guys. Takashi, take Rei and head to the fire hose. We’re going to drown them there’s more of them this time…” Feng Yu Chen said as he charged towards the stairs with his Xuan Yuan sword.

Takashi and Rei quickly nodded to each other and ran to the fire hose.

Takashi pulled out the fire hose and yelled “Sempai, watch out…”

Feng Yu Chen’s left hand reached for the rails and flipped over before landing next to Takashi and patted him on the shoulder.

“Die…” Takashi used the fire hose to hose down the zombies. Large amounts of water sprayed out and the pressure from the water knocked the zombies away. This wave of zombies can be counted as cleared.

“Clap…” Feng Yu Chen and Takashi came together for a high-five.

Rei stood behind them.

“K, time to leave. Let’s find other survivors and leave the school together. Basic strength in numbers. We can only succeed with everyone, it’d be an impossible task for just us to escape.” (Feng Yu Chen)

“Uh…” Rei and Takashi nodded to show their acceptance of Feng Yu Chen’s suggestion.

“let’sgo!” (tl note: “let’sgo!” was written in the raws though I’m like 99.99% sure that’s just the author’s typo)

Feng Yu Chen led Rei and Takashi down the stairs while finishing off some stray zombies while passing before coming to the teaching building’s stairs.

“Hey, Sempai’s family is in China right? How is it right now?” Rei asked.

Feng Yu Chen lifted his lips a bit and said “No idea, it might be the same as here or it might be safe but we should be more worried about ourselves first so we can meet our relatives…”

“Uh…” Rei nodded and then asked Takashi “Takashi, what about you? You aren’t going to give uncle and aunty a call?”

“When things calm down a bit. My dad’s on a business trip and my mom’s an elementary school teacher so if I call now there’ll be nothing but nagging…” Takashi said in a joking manner.

“Hehe…” Rei calmed down a bit and laughed when she realized that Takashi was still joking around at such a time.


Suddenly, another scream was heard.

Feng Yu Chen curled his lips a bit and though about how all he heard today was nothing but screams.

“Let’s go, it came from the staff room…” Takashi said while rushing out with a baseball bat.

Feng Yu Chen ran after Takashi and Rei.

When Feng Yu Chen and the others rushed to the scene, a pink haired girl was going drilling into a zombie’s head with a power tool. Next to her was a fatty, a purple haired tall girl as well as a blond Onee-chan with an overwhelming chest. Well, other than Feng Yu Chen, all 6 members of have gathered together.

Of course, the loud noise managed to attract quite a few zombies.

“Haah, time to work. Takashi and I will take the left and Rei will take the right…” (Feng Yu Chen)

“We’ll take care of the left…” (Purple haired girl)

The Xuan Yuan sword in Feng Yu Chen’s hand waved around a few times and 2 zombies instantly fell to the ground. Putting his left hand on the ground, Feng Yu Chen swung his right leg around in semicircle causing several zombies to trip and fall. With a flip, Feng Yu Chen got up and quickly separated the heads of a few grounded zombies with his Xuan Yuan sword.

Takashi took care of 2 zombies, the purple haired girl and Rei also took care of their enemies quickly.

“Hey, purple haired girl over there. Not bad. I’m Third year class B’s Feng Yu Chen…” as Feng Yu Chen gave the purple haired girl a thumbs up. As expected, this purple haired girl’s combat abilities aren’t low.

“Humph, trying to hit on me? Though you’re not bad yourself. Third year class A Saeko Busujima….” The purple haired girl gave a light “humph”. Feng Yu Chen had plenty of chances to kill those zombies just before but he went and showed off.

Chapter 2 of Unlimited Anime Works

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Well here’s chapter 2 of Unlimited Anime Works

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Feng Yu Chen looked at the three people who ran up to the rooftop. One black haired male, one grey haired male, and one cute looking blond haired female. The girl’s long blond hair moved with her movements allowing glimpses of her beauty but currently all three people had serious and panicked expressions.

“Who are you?” the black haired male asked Feng Yu Chen.

Feng Yu Chen snapped his fingers and said “Feng Yu Chen from classroom 3. A transfer student from China. Heh, you guys coming here to ditch class as well?”

“Hello senpai, I’m Takashi Komuro, he’s Hisashi Igo and that’s Rei Miyamoto…” the black haired male introduced as he pointed to himself and his friends.

Feng Yu Chen nodded his head. Sigh, he actually met the main characters, does that mean his luck is good? Although that Hisashi Igo should be dying soon since he has already been bitten by a zombie.

“Well, that’s enough chattering. You guys saw what just happened right? Now we should think about how to get out of the school…” Feng Yu Chen said while holding onto his Xuan Yuan sword. Although he hasn’t killed anyone before nor does he have the guts to kill someone but when it comes to zombies, he should feel less conflicted about it.

Hisashi nodded his head and said “Senpai looks prepared, the sword in his hand seem to be for dealing with the zombies. Right now the school is overrun by zombies. This is probably caused by some sort of virus which causes them to chase after humans and bite them. After someone has been bitten, they will turn into a zombie as well. (tl note: they specify the zombies as “corpses” but zombies and corpses that chase humans are the same thing anyways so that’s that)


At this time, several black helicopters pass over the rooftop….

“Blackhawk helicopters? The American army?” Takashi asked.

“No, it’s the self-defense force but there’s no base stationed nearby….” said Hisashi.

“Help…” Rei yelled as she raised her hands towards the blackhawk helicopter.

Feng Yu Chen shook his head and said: “It’s useless, they won’t come down. After all, they still haven’t done anything when it’s like that down there. They should be doing some mission. All we can do right now is rely on our own strength to deal with this.”

“Why?” Rei said in a tone filled with hopelessness and helplessness.

Moan…. (tl note: the raws say “roar” but zombies don’t roar so it’s a moan)

At this time several zombies made their way to the rooftop….

“Enough chattering, we should deal with them first. Don’t forget, you can only kill them by destroying their heads. Let’s climb the stairs first and blockade it before doing anything else….” Feng Yu Chen said while pointing at a staircase. As long as they blockade the staircase, they should be safe for the moment. Even though it will only be momentary…..

“OK, let’s follow what Feng Yu Chen senpai says….” said Hisashi while nodding.

Feng Yu Chen bit his lips to suppress his fear. Although he managed to get first place in scuffles during middle school so he wasn’t a stranger to fighting but it was his first time killing someone. Even though the people in front of him were all zombies but they were humans too at one point…


Gathering up his courage, Feng Yu Chen swung his sword and cut off a zombie’s head and caused some foul smelling blood to splatter onto his face…

“Blood… Blood, this is blood. This is human blood…” Feng Yu Chen touched the blood on his face and looked down on his hands with disbelief. He killed someone. He killed someone. He had killed someone….

“Careful senpai….” Takashi said as he used a rod to strike down a zombie that was attempting to attack Feng Yu Chen….

“AHHHH….” Feng Yu Chen acted like he had not heard what Takashi said as he yelled while he messed up his hair with his eyes bloodshot and mercilessly gnashing his teeth before…

“Die… Die already. AHAHAHAHA…” Feng Yu Chen began cutting down zombies like he was a madman. The Xuan Yuan sword in his hand easily cutting apart the zombies’ head and bodies….

There was no dizziness, no urge to vomit. In an instant, all Feng Yu Chen could think of was to slaughter all the zombies that stood before him. Perhaps this way he will be able to gain some reprieve. Kill. Kill. KILL.

“Senpai…” Rei looked at Feng Yu Chen in shock, unable to understand what just happened.

“It’s probably the shock of having killing for the first time. Everyone’s reaction to it is different but senpai’s reaction sure is….” Takashi explained.

Feng Yu Chen’s head went blank and he saw nothing but a blood red world. Kill. Kill. Only by killing will he be able to gain reprieve. His reaction can be said to be a self-defense mechanism. If he was conscious at this time then he would definitely be progressing by leaps and bounds because the more he kills he stronger his blood lust.

Gradually, Feng Yu Chen led Takashi and the others towards the staircase. Currently, Takashi and the others didn’t dare to come close to Feng Yu Chen in case he decided to attack them as well.

“Pu…” (tl note: sound of liquid escaping)

Feng Yu Chen suddenly felt his body lose strength and feebly sat on the ground. While looking at his blood soaked hands, he spat out a mouthful of blood. During the desperate fight just now, he overexerted himself and after spitting out the blood that was clogged in his chest, he felt much better.

“Senpai?” Rei said while looking apprehensively at Feng Yu Chen.

Feng Yu Chen shot a sorry look at Rei and the others and said: “You guys leave and let me calm down for a moment. There’s nothing dangerous around since didn’t I just kill a bunch of them? It was my first time killing someone so I overreacted a bit. Just give me some time to be alone so I can calm down a bit…”

“OK…” said Hisashi and Takashi while nodding before pulling Rei away with them to the other side.

Feng Yu Chen looked at his Xuan Yuan sword. Such a great sword, there wasn’t a single drop of blood on it and the blade was completely undamaged.

“Strike quickly, strike deftly, bastard…”

At this time Feng Yu Chen couldn’t help but think of Fiora’s quote from LoL. Haha, he also struck quickly and struck deftly and it was against a bunch of zombies that weren’t much different than animals. Best of all, he hasn’t broken any laws (tl note: I don’t think laws even work in this situation). Hehe, Feng Yu Chen couldn’t help but shake his head. He never knew that he had such blood lust deep in him.

Feng Yu Chen looked down at the zombies on the cement and almost couldn’t believe what he saw. Did he really kill all those zombies?

Taking out his cell phone, Feng Yu Chen saw that it showed that he had killed 15 zombies. So this was the reason why the phone kept vibrating while he was fighting.

Taking a look at the ranking board Feng Yu Chen saw that he was ranked first at 15 kills. Number two was a guy called Zi Yue Ling with 3 kills. The rest of the ranking board was empty. Heh, guess I really am insane. The game just started and I got 15 kills.

Apart from the ranking board, there was also a list of everyone who had died. On the list were 7 people with their names in red. More importantly was the line after that: “The people who have died will leave the infinite system after having their memories wiped. They will be unable to enter Unlimited Anime Works again and will die an accidental death in one year…”

Hello there and chapter 1 of Unlimited Anime Works

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Ding. You are about to enter <<High School of the Dead>>, please select an equipment provided by the system. You have three choices:
1)Melee weapon. Any melee weapon from your imagination. Power: 10 (capable of chopping 10mm steel plates)
2)A type 95 semi-automatic rifle. 31 bullets included (including the bullets in the chamber)
3)An automobile. You can choose between a motorcycle or car.
Please make your selection….
As the mysterious voice resounded in his head, Feng Yu Chen absentmindedly looked at his surroundings. It was pitch black with nothing around and it was pitch black under his feet as well. The only source of light was the ipone 5 in his hands. Even stranger, the content on the phone was exactly what he has just heard.

It couldn’t be that picking up an ipone 5 on the way back home landed me here right? Feng Yu Chen was momentarily stunned, did picking up a cell phone become a crime? Plus, where was this place? The police station? The confinement room?

Number 007, please select your system provided equipment, you are about to enter <<High School of the Dead>>.

The mysterious voice resounded in Feng Yu Chen’s mind yet again and the ipone 5 in his hand displayed the same prompt.

“Melee weapon? Pft, what’s this, medieval times? I want a Xuan Yuan sword, you got one?” Feng Yu Chen said as he curled his lips upwards.

Ding. Number 007 has recieved a Xuan Yuan sword from the system. Power: 10…..

Ding. Warping started. Destination: <<High School of the Dead>>’s Teng Mei school. Generating people. Finished generating language. Warping commencing.

In an instant, another two prompts rang out. Feng Yu Chen’s vision blacked out momentarily and the next time he opened his eyes he found that he was on a rooftop. The ipone 5 he picked up was no longer in his hand but next to him was a golden sword. The sword was carved full of runes and the sharp blade shined with dazzling light.

Feng Yu Chen felt that the golden sword had a connection to him. As he reached out and grabbed the sword, he felt his blood boil. It made him a sense of nostalgia.

Well, guess I met a ghost. Feng Yu Chen took the sword and swung it around a few times. Although it was a little heavy, but it fit quite well with his hands.

The next instant, a string of information intruded into Feng Yu Chen’s mind and almost knocked him out. After his mind cleared up, he found that he suddenly knew Japanese. To top it off, he even had a new identity as a 3rd year transfer student from China in Teng Mei School.

The hell? Feng Yu Chen couldn’t help but curl his lips upwards again. Why would I ever transfer to Japan? So much bullshit. Couldn’t you give me a more normal identity? Like going to Japan as a legendary male to conquer all the girls. Otherwise it’d be too boring…..

Screw it, temporarily dropping all the non-sense, Feng Yu Chen walked to the edge of the roof and looked down. Damn, it really is Japan. Sakura trees, female students that were wearing green short skirts, male students that were wearing black school uniforms.

Feng Yu Chen pinched his cheeks hard. Damn it, it hurts so this must be real. Ignoring how he got here in the first place, he decided to pick up a few Japanese beauties…..

This one’s pretty nice, she has a nice rack which wobbles when she walks. Sure touches one’s heartstrings. That one’s not bad as well. Those legs sure are beautiful. This one’s also pretty good with the long blond hair…..

Feng Yu Chen started evaluating the girls he saw. What surprised him was the hair color and eye color of the Japanese girls. Black hair and black eyes were rare. It’s kinda like the Japan from anime.


The bell for class rang out….

Students started filing into the classrooms for class. Feng Yu Chen raised his lips. Going to class? If this was still China then he might have gone but now since he was mysteriously in Japan, why bother going to class?

Without any eye-candy to look at, Feng Yu Chen started to play with his cell phone. The new ipone 5 he picked up sure is pretty good, the model looked pretty good as well. He always wanted to buy one but due to the lack of financial assistance from his parents, he could only play with a nokia..c5-03.

At this time, someone was banging on the school gate with all his strength. The side of his face looked a little lifeless. After that, what happened shocked Feng Yu Chen….

When a female teacher and 3 male teachers came to the school gate, the person was still banging on the gate. Then, as a male teacher went up to stop him, the guy grabbed the male teacher’s arm and started biting it…..

After that, the male teacher laid on the ground clutching his arm yelling but that wasn’t the end. After a while, the male teacher stood up and started biting at the concerned female teacher….

Feng Yu Chen looked at the male teacher’s vacant and bloodshot eye. Tha… That’s a zombie right?

In zombie films, situations like this are quite common but… But what’s with this situation right now?

Feng Yu Chen combs through his memory and the prompts from before. This should be a scene from <<High School of the Dead>>. Yeah, he saw the anime before and the opening scene and this scene is exactly the same……

Looking at the golden sword in his hand, Feng Yu Chen finally understands what is going on. He was brought here by something unknown in order to complete some task. The golden sword or rather his Xuan Yuan sword should be his weapon. If he knew it was going to be like this, he would’ve picked the type 95 semi-automatic rifle instead so he wouldn’t have to melee zombies. Damn, who told him to be a blabbermouth……

“Ding. Zombies all present. Unlimited Anime Quests begins.”

1) Basic quest (completing the basic quest will send you back to the real world): Kill 100 zombies. Current progress: 0/100.

2) Title quest (completing the title quest will provide a permanent title to increase one’s stats): Kill 500 zombies for the Zombie Hunter title. Kill 1000 zombies for the Master of Zombies title. Kill 10000 zombies for the Genocider of Zombies title. Current number of zombies killed: 0.

3) Ranking quest (you’re not the only one in the game, there’s 100 others in the game with you. As long as others exist, there will be competition. The person with the highest ranking will be able to bring out any one character from the anime): Current rank: none.

Another prompt appeared in Feng Yu Chen’s mind. The ipone 5 in his hand also displayed the same information. Sure enough the tasks came and it’s to kill zombies. What a problematic task.

Thinking about 100 other people who also entered the anime world, Feng Yu Chen sighed. The entire world has over 6 billion people and only 100 of them were selected. Should it be counted as good luck or terrible luck? Everyone else probably picked up an ipone 5 as well. Must be fate at work…..

As Feng Yu Chen sighed, the teachers in the school started fighting one another…..

“To all students, currently acts of violence have appeared. All students should follow the teacher’s instructions and head to safety……

Following the campus-wide announcement, Feng Yu Chen curled his lips up. It’s started already and before long, zombies will be everywhere in the campus……

At that time two guys and one girl ran up to the rooftop…